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Don’t punch me for writing about Kim Kardashian.

I’m not trying to convince you to like her (I still kinda do – don’t judge).

This has nothing to do with Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim’s shortest marriage ever or her longest divorce process ever. Oh, or the “tapes”.

I love celebrity news. Plain and simple. US Weekly is a staple to me, I’ve got all the gossip sites bookmarked and I’m pretty up to date on who is dating whom, which person just had a meltdown and the most recent scandal. I’m also interested in is who is in the background of these pictures. Who helps these celebrities? Who are their non-famous friends? At one time, Kim Kardashian was the one in the background.

Years ago when Paris Hilton was a big deal, there were pictures of her wearing trucker Von Dutch hats and shopping with her best friend Kim. Who is Kim? I had to know.

August 12, 2006

August 12, 2006 – Source: Lime-Light.org

What I learned: Kim Kardashian, friend of Paris Hilton, is the daughter of Robert and Kris Kardashian. Her step-dad is Bruce Jenner and she is the “Queen of the Closet Scene.

Say whaaaaat? Kim Kardashian is a professional closet organizer? Is that even a job? That’s what I thought in 2006. Lover her or hate her, she’s a trend-setter.

Kim's closet

Player Magazine interviewed the, then, unknown reality star asking how she got started.

“My closet business came about when I was at my godparents’ house, Sugar Ray Leonard and his wife Bernadette. Bernadette’s closet was massive and had so much stuff in it. I said to her, ‘You really need to clean out your closet.’ Well, we spent the whole night doing that.” Kim convinced Bernadette to sell the  designer clothing on eBay rather than throw it away.”

“[Kim] was so successful at it that Bernadette started recommending Kim to her friends. Soon, celebrities like Kenny G, and Rob Lowe and his wife, started hiring her. Before long, Kim was organizing and cleaning out closets for everyone from Cindy Crawford to Serena Williams, as well as friends like Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Take a look inside her closet today:

Sidetracked for a second. $90, 000 shoes? Meanwhile, we’re budgeting weekly groceries and clipping coupons but whatevs.

In a recent InStyle interview, Kim offered organization tips for closets.

Always use the same style of hangers throughout,” she says, recommending Real Simple Solutions Slimline flocked hangers. Dresses are arranged long to short, and jackets are sorted by texture. And to create a boutique-like vibe, she likes to “showcase the most beautiful” pieces. She also says to “hide T-shirts in a cupboard or drawer. It’s so hard to keep them nicely folded.” Finally, toss anything that doesn’t fit. “I sell those pieces on eBay and donate the proceeds,” she says.”

So…what do you think?

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