So here we are, the night before Valentine’s Day and you haven’t got a clue. Now let’s not beat ourselves up for leaving it to the last-minute, not setting aside the moolah, or just totally spacing the holiday. For whatever the reason, you’re in a bit of a pickle and have that bug-eyed-I’m-so-screwed look.  We’ve got ya. Here’s some ideas to have you come out smelling like a rose (oooh, always a good idea) and looking like you had this sucker planned months ago. My ex-husband always presented my gifts in a paper sack – endearing, but tacky and screaming “afterthought”.

Helpful tips:

  • If you do nothing else, give them a card. The Dollar Store has cards. A buck and you’re golden.
  • Don’t blow it off  and show up empty-handed. Do something even if it seems cheesy.
  • Presentation and timing are everything! It can make a little thing look big. (The Dollar Store has gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, candles and candy).
  • It won’t matter how it tastes, if it fits, or how it looks.  Most times the effort you give is way more appreciated than the gift itself.
  • If one woman’s man has delivered or brings something to them at work, the rest of you guys automatically become an ass  if you didn’t. Speaking from experience. I have no idea if this rule applies to men.
  • Have your gift or card ready the night before and present it first thing in the morning. It makes it seem that you were excited to give it to them.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts - Cheap! | organizedCHAOSonline

All the following ideas can be pulled off with either a trip to the grocery store, drug store or the Dollar Store:

    1. FLOWERS: The grocery store has all kinds of flowers in plastic sleeves. Or buy some seeds, a bag of dirt and a couple cool pots.
    2. MUSIC: Buy their favorite CD. Or record a mooshy song, put it in their car player with a post-it saying “Play Me”. Or buy them an iTunes gift card.
    3. CAR: Buy them a gift certificate for a full detail (local auto detailers may offer purchase through their websites). Buy gift certificate book for car washes.
    4. FOOD: Take them out for their favorite food. Or get their favorite take out, get your jammies on and eat at home while you watch a movie. Or make dinner for them and also do the clean up after.
    5. MOVIES: Take them to one they want to see. Or rent one they like, and make yourself watch it with them without criticizing it.
    6. PAMPERING: Buy a massage gift certificate (online purchase through website), or buy some massage oil and give them a massage yourself. Or gift certificate for facial, manicures, waxing, or haircuts.
    7. HOME: Gift card from Home Depot, Lowe’s, Michaels, Sephora. Pottery Barn. The grocery store has racks of gift cards to stores, restaurants, and random places. Go take a look.
    8. PHOTOS: Go through the photos on your computer or phone. Find one of the two of you. Send it to Walgreens for printing or put it on a disc and print it there yourself. Grab a sappy frame. BOOM!
    9. FREE TIME: Pick a couple evenings during the week and a whole weekend day. Write “Your free time” on a calendar (Dollar Store) and you take the kids for that scheduled time. Also write those times on YOUR calendar and stick to it!
    10. DESSERT: Grab a cake mix and frosting at the grocery store. Whip that baby up. Cut it into a heart shape and frost it. Shove some candles in it that match the number of years you’ve been together. Or buy a big coffee mug (Dollar Store), write a cute saying on it. Bake mug at 350 for 30 minutes to set ink. Dump a bunch of candy hearts in it (Dollar Store).
    11. BONUS: If the ‘ol relationship has gotten a bit stale and you’re in the mood to liven things up a bit, have some fun together and play our couples game “Ignite That Spark“. It’s quick, cheap and FUN!

Happy Valentine’s Day!