duct tape designs

Holy moly! Look at all these inexpensive designs you can tack to just about anything!

I’m an organized person most of the time. I’m not one of those people who is always ready for company and I don’t always have the energy to put everything away all the time. I think it’s okay not to care. In fact, it makes organizing that much more satisfying. There, I just rationalized my laziness. Duct tape to the rescue.

I have clear drawers in my office and they are ugly as sin. On top of that, you can see everything inside. Um…not my style. I also have a black filing cabinet. I could leave this alone but it’s too industrial-looking.

What to do? DUCT TAPE THEM! Granted, the design I chose makes me want to slip into some sort of seizure (I’d suggest throwing a color in the middle to break up the design if you do this) but I’m happy with the way¬† my office looks.

The best part: It took me literally 10 minutes.


  1. Pull tape
  2. Rip
  3. Tack to drawers
  4. Repeat

Here’s what my drawers look like (along with my amazing iPhone photography skills):

DIY duct tape drawers

tawsha connell