Ignite that Spark - Valentine's Day Couples Game

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Valentine’s Day comes at us like a punch in the face. Talk of diamonds, sweets, doing something unique and extra special pretty much assaults us. Don’t get us wrong, we love Valentine’s Day. Like, love-it-so-much-it’s-almost-our-favorite-holiday love. What we don’t love is hoping for one thing and having the reality of our life be different. For example, we hope to see that gorgeous blue Tiffany & Co. box sitting next to our beautiful breakfast in bed while we lay in our giant master suite in a private cottage in Bora Bora – even though a day ago we talked about our grocery budget being too high.

What is Valentine’s Day about? It’s about the two of you. It’s also about being as creative as possible without spending a ton of money but still making the day memorable. Have you every asked each other…

Who do you feel is the most attractive between the two of us?

What was the last thing I said to you under the guise of “constructive criticism”?

Who do I idolize far too much for an adult?

If I could commit one crime with no consequence, what would I do?

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 20 years or this is your first Valentine’s Day together, Ignite That Spark! We’ve created a current version of the Newlywed Game meets the Dating Game meets Speed Dating. Get to know each other, find out what you may not know about the other and have fun doing it…for virtually no money. You can have a gift all ready to go in a matter of minutes.

This game can be played as a couple or with up to 4 couples. All you need is:

  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors

What’s included in Ignite That Spark?

  • Game Details and Instructions
  • Score Card
  • Answer Card
  • 9 Sheets of Game Pieces including non gender specific Ignite That Spark Questions
  • 1 Blank sheet of Ignite That Spark Game Pieces

You can have your Valentine’s Gift all packaged up and ready to go in literally 10 minutes!

Download Ignite That Spark for FREE.

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Simple Packaging idea:

kraft paper box with baker's twine

Print all game pieces on white cardstock paper. Place all pieces together in kraft gift box (or similar). Wrap box with baker’s twine around  to give it a finished look. All pieces can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 

photo from pippi.

patti and tawsha