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We are forever trying to figure out how to get ourselves organized in the meals department. We’ve signed up for meal services only to find that we liked about 2 out of the 5 meals each week. We’ve pinned a butt-load of recipes on Pinterest that we forget about when it comes to planning the week ahead and we’ve done the ol’ “wing it” method where we find ourselves standing in our kitchen at dinnertime with nothing to eat.

Secret: We’re not great cooks.

In an effort to get ourselves in order, we have vowed to sit down and create a weekly meal plan. We like healthy food that tastes good, we like comfort food, we like simple and we like using ingredients we know how to pronounce.

We’ll share our plan with you. This isn’t some scientific method, some health plan and may not be every week but we’d love to take a little stress and planning from your week because, for this week, we’ve actually followed through. Woot!

That’s the deal with us: We’re organized but we’re not perfect. Go figure.

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The Way this Works:

WEEK OF MEALS: We have created a weekly meal calendar. There are meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists for each meal and even options to use leftovers (so you don’t gunk up your fridge).

Each meal has it’s own shopping list. This way, if you like it, you can add the ingredients to your shopping list. Not everyone will like every meal…we know that from experience.

SHOPPING LIST: The grocery store has different sections and so does the shopping list. You simply fill in the blanks and when you head to the store, you can conquer each aisle as it corresponds to your list. Easy peasy.

With that, let’s get to prepping the week, shall we? Click the images below for your free downloads.

May your week be organized…at least when it comes to meals.


Shopping List Printable

Week of Meals Printable


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