total money makeover book coverI’m getting a makeover…on my money. Let me rephrase that: I’m making over my money. It’s scaring me to death. My husband, who never reads books,was reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover during our short Christmas break. Because he never reads, I was intrigued. I reluctantly started reading this book and I was hooked.

Let me back up a bit. I’m not one to listen to any sort of talk radio ever. If it’s E! radio talking about the latest awards show or who is pregnant (um…Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson), I may make an exception. I get so bored reading books that are educational and don’t like to learn unless I’m ready. Wow, I sound like such a hoot. You’d think I was dumber than a doornail. The point: I’m stubborn.

Whether you have what you think is a healthy income or you’re completely broke, this book is for you. I won’t go selling it because I get diarrhea just thinking about it. My husband and I ( along with our 4-year old) are completely changing our lives to become debt free. This includes taking a good look at everything we pay for whether it’s big or small. I’m talking about cancelling cable, selling newer cars for less than desirable and barely running automobiles and putting a halt to the shopping, restaurant dinners, Starbucks (gasp!) and more.

This may kill me.

Should I live to tell about being debt free and finding wealth before I turn 35, I’ll be telling you from a very happy place. This is possible, others have done it but I need to see for myself if it really works. Remember that stubborn comment above? I’m a total “believe it when I see it” type of person.

I’m nervous about missing out on the fun. I nervous about not being a part of the group, about not doing what I feel is therapeutic (watching a reality show on BRAVO or getting more than I need at Target) and I’m nervous about the world having a good time around me and then finding out, in the end, that it didn’t work for me. The unknown is terrifying to me. Stubborn and a baby.

Are you doing the makeover? I would be more than open to sharing my experiences with you and having you share your experiences with me if you are doing the Total Money Makeover as well. I like the feeling of community which is why mom and I started organizedCHAOSonline in the first place. I like to know that I can lean on someone when I feel weak and they can lean on me when they aren’t having the best of days. It’s always better to know that you’re not alone.

I’m an open book. Sometimes to a fault. I welcome you to be an open book, too. While I know that others have seen success through this program, I want to know what happens in the middle. It’s like with weight loss. I love the before and after pictures but I want to know about how they made it through the random Wednesday nights when they were craving a box of Girl Scout Samoa cookies or when that morning walk was as painful and frustrating as pulling a stubborn eyebrow hair. I want to know what happens in the middle of it all and know what pulled them through.

After cutting up all the credit cards, my  husband and I are officially on day 2 of our Total Money Makeover. That image is of our credit cards…or what was. We are planning a budget meeting this weekend (I really really really hate the word “budget”) and are beginning to eliminate my bubble of comfort.

“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey.

Deep breath. Eyes on the prize. I’m off to cry and probably puke. I’m being 100% serious. This is really really tough for me.

I welcome your comments.