If you ever came to my house pre-pantry purge (pictured above), there’s NO FREAKING WAY I would have opened the pantry in front of you. I would have pretended that everything was as clean as my house looks on the surface. Side note: I wouldn’t let you go upstairs, either. Instead, I’ll distract you with offering a drink or a great TV show.

Seriously, I look like trash and this is completely embarrassing to show…if I didn’t do the PANTRY PURGE 2012.

Time spent: 3 hours

Money spent: Less than $50

Creative talent: $0

The process is simple and it will save your brain (and money -there are treasures to be found in this mother). Here’s how to go about the pantry purge:

Shopping list –

  • Plain bins (multiple sizes) $1 each at the Dollar Store
  • Clear “jugs” $1 at select dollar stores or $2-something at WalMart (yeah, I said it)
  • Chalkboard labels at Staples (Martha Stewart Collection) or make your own. Tutorial HERE by twelveOeight.
  • Garbage bags
  • Determination

Instructions –

  • Grab multiple garbage bags
  • Grab something to drink
  • Make some space
  • Empty the entire pantry
  • Organize food by category
  • Clean the pantry floor and walls
  • Dispose or donate any food you aren’t interested in putting back
  • Start placing the categories inĀ  bins to see what will go where
  • Get yourself all sorted out and start putting the food away

Tip: leave a little extra room in your pantry. Like, don’t stuff it full because you will have to grocery shop at some point or you may go on some baking binge and need a place to hide put your cookies.

I had a friend tell me to check the pantry in 3 weeks to see how it looked. Well, friend, here it is. BOOM!

There you have it.