My  husband’s office held a cookie contest. I’d hold one in our office but there’s only two of us and we both have the same recipe. I asked my mom what she’d been making for the holidays and she gave me this recipe. I shopped, made it, packaged it and took it to the hubs’ work and WON SECOND PLACE. I’m super-competitive and wanted to hunt down the winner. Instead, I got her recipe, too.

Because I care for you all, I’ll post both the 1st and 2nd place recipes.

For the above peanut butter chocolate brownie cookie recipe, we tweaked it a bit and added the coconut pecan frosting. Something has to offset the rich chocolate and peanut butter. Watch out for diabetic shock. This is not sugar free, fat free, gluten free, wheat free,  peanut free or guilt free. It’s a full-on fat cookie treat. Enjoy…then go for a run…a marathon.


For the first place winner, this is what she made:

(I’d be mad if these HOT COCOA COOKIES didn’t look so effing good!)

Now, go win a contest, will ya?