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wedding organization system

Why is This Workbook So Great?

There are about 10 million planning options on the market and everyone has a different style and function. As if planning a wedding isn’t overwhelming enough, right? That’s why we like My Big Day Planner©. This workbook allows you to track your wedding plans just like you would in your daily planner. You can print the entire eBook and put it in a binder or just print the pages as you need them.

The coolest part: My Big Day Planner© was created by brides. Each option, page, system and spreadsheet came from a bride who said, “This worked best for me!

What Types of Pages are Included?

  • Bridal attire shopping worksheet
  • Wedding party worksheet
  • Size & measurement worksheet
  • Groom attendant’s worksheet
  • Ceremony worksheet
  • Transportation worksheet
  • Catering and Dessert worksheet
  • Rental and equipment worksheet
  • Honeymoon travel worksheet
  • Engagement announcement worksheet
  • Photo and Video worksheet
  • Stationery worksheet and details
  • Floral worksheet and order form
Diagrams & Charts...
  • Jewelry planner
  • Ceremony diagram
  • Reception details
  • Seating charts
  • Reception music selections
  • Rehearsal details and information
  • Day-of Planner Booklet Guide
  • Name change and legal info
Schedules & Timelines...
  • Appointment schedule
  • Pre-Wedding party schedule
  • Wedding Party schedule
  • Ceremony music schedule
  • 12-month planning timeline
  • Ceremony timeline
  • Wedding Day outline
  • Emergency kit packing list
  • Maid of Honor checklist
  • Guest list tracker
  • Health and Fitness tracker
  • Scratch Paper
  • Expense Record

What People Are Saying…

I like to be in control of my options and I couldn’t find any planner that would allow me to write down my details and keep them organized according to the way I think. This was perfect because I could arrange and rearrange the pages I had written MY OWN information on.    ~  Megyn
I planned my own wedding, but hired a planner for my wedding day. By using My Big Day Planner, I was able to just hand the completed Day-of Planner Guide to her and it worked out perfectly!  ~  Christine P.

My Big Day Planner© Wedding Organizing System includes

all of the above and much, much more! 

Look through the sample pages below.

Join the hundreds of brides who have used our wedding organizing system!


wedding organization system

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