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What Is an Elf on The Shelf™?

This crazy Elf on the Shelf phenomenon began with a family who wanted to share their Christmas tradition with the rest of the world. The idea is that the Elf appears in a child’s home around Thanksgiving with the job to help Santa with his naughty or nice list. The Elf keep tabs on your child, and each night makes a trip to the North Pole, reports to Santa, then returns by morning hiding himself in a new spot in your home. He loves hanging out with the family, but when left on his own, he tends to get himself in all kinds of messes. To read the original story and learn more about the people behind it, visit the Official Elf on the Shelf® website HERE.


Elf Ideas & Tutorials

The kids will be in awe seeing their elf show up in the most incredibly creative ways. Seems like too much work, doesn’t it? That’s what we want everyone to think. It’s actually not. Nope. These Elf scenes require few supplies with minimal steps. The display scenes were created to be a litle over-the-top to show you options, and allow you to choose all that’s shown, or just parts of them.

After spending all day working, juggling friends, family and activities, it may feel overwhelming to remember that your elf needs to be doing something creative for the kids by morning.

We post simple instructions and Step-by-Step tutorials. We’ll also include free printables, links to the supplies, and give you suggestions for things around the house you may be able to use to complete your elf theme.



Elf on the Shelf Ideas by organized CHAOS online

"I'm Baaaaaaack"" Elf. Templates and Step-by-Step Tutorials. New Themes added daily | organizedCHAOSonline$1.50
Skirt template included

"Sleepover" Elf. Templates and Step-by-Step Tutorials. Lots more elf themes on our site | organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Bunkbed tutorial included

"Ballerina" Elf. Templates and Step-by-Step Tutorials. See lots more themes on our site! | organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Tutu tutorial included

'Facebook Bills Elf' theme. Tutorial and printables. Lots of elf ideas on our site. #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Couch and laptop tutorial & printables

'Crashin' on the Couch'. Christmas is exhausting - even for elves! Get tutorial and printables to create this elf scene. Lots of elf ideas on our site! #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline

Couch tutorial & set up instruction

Make an elf bunk bed. Easy peasy. Step-by-step instructions. See more elf ideas on our site #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline

Step-by-step instructions

"Christmas Story" Elf. Templates and Step-by-Step Tutorials. Tons of elf ideas on our site! | organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf$1.50
Instruction and tutorial included

Learn how to create this elf scene. Lots of elf tutorials and printables on our site. #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Skirt template & printables included

Coming Soon!

"Basketball" Elf. Templates and Step-by-Step Tutorial for creating this elf theme. Love the shoes! Tons of elf ideas on our site | organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Basketball court & hoop tutorial included

"I'm Goin' In!" Elf. Templates and Step-by-Step Tutorials. Check back often for new elf ideas | organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Swimsuit template & tutorial included

Coming Soon!

Camping Trip" Elf. Get templates and Step-by-Step Tutorial for creating this elf theme. Check our site often for new themes| organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline

Sleeping bag, tent, fire & blanket tutorial

"In the Workshop" Elf. Step-by-step instructions to create this elf theme on our site, plus lots more elf ideas. #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline

Chair & table tutorial included

'Sad Cinnamon' Girl Elf. Skirt template & step-by-step instructions for creating this scene. Lots more boy and girl elf ideas on our site! | Elf Ideas on organizedCHAOSonline #elfontheshelf #organizedchaosonline$1.50
Skirt template, lamp,hat & printables included

Coming Soon!

Counter and apron tutorial included

Laundry Day Elf | Elf on the Shelf Ideas by organizedCHAOSonline$1.00
Printables and instruction included

3D Movie Night Elf | Elf on the Shelf Ideas by organizedCHAOSonline$1.50
Couch tutorial & printables


Step-by-Step Instructions

Set up instructions & shower tutorial


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Speaking of the Elf Ideas Facebook Group… We asked them to share their photos, and here are some of the ideas they came up with!

Elves Across the Nation

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