Hi. Nice to meet you!

We’re Patti and Tawsha; a mother-daughter duo in most everything.

We have similar ways of thinking, we can’t sit still for long and we’re determined to create a community of women who are just like us.








Patti is married to Paul. This is her second marriage, the first was just practice. Patti and Paul went to high school together but rarely spoke. They re-discovered each other while Patti was looking to connect with one of Paul’s old friends. Romantic, no? They’ve been married almost 9 years and are the typical opposites attract type of couple. It’s perfection.

Patti has two grown kids: Tawsha and Ryan – 15 months apart. She raised the two of them on her own…with the help of caffeine, nicotine and panic attacks. Rumor has it, being a single mom, working two jobs AND being a part of every single activity your kids are involved in is a breeze. It’s quite shocking Patti is still sane. Oh wait…








Tawsha is married to Jeff with one son, Colton. After dating her “type”, Tawsha finally stopped looking and got a job in morning radio (long story – it wasn’t that simple). That’s where she met Jeff. After discovering that Jeff wasn’t the pompous know-it-all she had first thought he was, they dated, got engaged and married all within a year. 11 months to be exact.

It’s now 10 years later. Colton (4 years old) , is the mirror image of Jeff, and is smarter, funnier and more sarcastic than any child his age should be. Some say it’s a little karma comin’ on back around to bite them in the butt.









Patti and Tawsha are the type to be open about their life, feelings, situations and thoughts without adding a filter. They thrive on connections with other people, screw up most projects, can’t seem to stick to a diet, play the lottery, love hot coffee and snuggly blankets, wish people would text instead of call, barely sleep, and want to have a group of friends they don’t have to fake it around.

This is how organizedCHAOS was born.

After launching and building multiple businesses, the two needed to combine all their efforts  into one place. The idea for organizedCHAOSonline was something that had been in their faces for most of their lives. They want to share information, experiences, tips, tools, other people’s ideas, other people’s blogs and personal opinions. This is where it’s at. organizedCHAOS isn’t for everyone because the f-bomb may be dropped a time or two, but anyone is always welcome to contribute and share.

No judgement. No rules. No editing. Just be you.

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