Letter From Elf to Naughty Kid [Free Printable]

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Letter to Colton from Chippy

Somebody other than my son jumped into his body and is making him a total butt face. It has been like this all week. I’m not sure if the excitement of Christmas is getting to him or if he was truly swapped with a look-a-like while we were out.

At our house, Elf on the Shelf is the real deal and he’s fun. He TRULY is a messenger for Santa and my son has to earn good things from our “Chippy”. After the assy attitude, I just couldn’t get myself to make a fun elf and put it out the next morning.

Instead, this is what he woke up to:

Chippy letter to colton in mailbox

I posted the above letter on Facebook and Instagram and got a HUGE response asking for a template, printable or the font name. Who am I to keep you from the magical bribery that is Santa Clause?

Do Your Own Letter

These free printables are for your use. Download the blank one if you’d like to hand-write the note or download the general form so the kids get the right idea but you don’t have to put any effort into it.

font for elf lettertawsha connell

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