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I have this dream of walking in my house and being in awe of the cool details around Christmastime…okay, anytime. The problem: I don’t have an eye for decoration nor do I have a budget (read: any money) to hire someone to do it for me. So, I spend two years trying to figure out what I want to decorate with and then spend even more time thinking about whether or not I want to commit.

This year is different.

I hit up the dollar store and Pinterest and was on a mission to make it look like Christmas is actually happening in my house. I went beyond the tree, looked at the open spaces in my house, stalked the perfect people in Pinterest and tried to emulate what they are doing while only spending whatever I could “hide” as the cash back at the grocery store. Don’t tell me you don’t do this.

The vintage sheet music was a great addition to the top of our toy cubby. I found the jackpot on Flicker.

How to create this look:

  • Go to the dollar store or rummage through your closets to find the frames you want for display. Take note of their size (i.e. 5×7, 8×10, etc).
  • Save the sheet music images to your computer (download below)
  • Open up a Word document (or similar) and set the ruler at the dimensions of your frames
  • Insert the image (sheet music) into your document
  • Center the image and click print
  • Cut out and put in your frame
  • Pretend like you came up with this idea when you get compliments


Click on music to browse and download


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  1. You’re awesome. This is fabulous. I want to make lollies out of these. Google it. 🙂

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